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Sustainable competitive advantage post 2020

Strategy 4.0 & Business Development

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strategic Business Development

It's about understanding the landscape, the players and the politics
Current market opportunities

We assume

risk in Every venture

We are in it together with the founders, management and investors
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Our Strategic Planning Bootcamp is a three session engagement designed to identify and define your post 2020 strategic business plan. Every aspect of the business plan is challenged through a candid examination of the risks and the identification of new opportunities.

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Strategic business development for large business to business transactions. We have extensive experience working with a wide range of technology companies, building their distribution networks and supporting local partners in international markets.

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We work with founders, investors and established enterprises to develop, plan and operationalize new ventures. We function as co-founders, advisors, consultants and often part of the early stage startup team to launch and scale the venture.

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We drive growth through big deals, strategic partnerships and new ventures

Weiji - the chinese word for crisis has a dual meaning - danger & opportunity

The birth of each new technology marks the death of a current one. Every business must understand the cycles of creative destruction affecting it.

Every business faces an existential threat to new innovation and must respond by adapting and evolving

The old models of strategic planning are outdated.  A new framework and way of thinking is needed to survive and thrive in the post 2020 world.

Our most valuable service is helping clients define and understand their new Post 2020 Strategic Planning Framework