"No new idea in the history of the world has ever been proven in advance analytically"
-Charles Sanders Peirce

We mitigate the risk between the idea and the data


Our consulting assignments are typically limited, fixed price engagements defined around a specific objective and program. All engagements are based on proprietary strategic and analytical frameworks customized to each client's industry and objectives. Engagement types include:

1. Strategy Planning Bootcamp. Especially applicable post 2020, we offer a three (3) day planning workshop with management. We rapidly identify the risks, the mitigating strategies and alternatives, then the best path forward given available resources. Typical engagements are completed in less than four weeks and requires three half day sessions with management.

2. MVP Product Development and Design. Applicable to startups and business transformations, we work to define, design and launch the Minimum Viable Product for the venture. This includes UX and UI design with full software development management to ship the MVP 1.0 with the startup team.

3. Brand Experience Strategy. We define every aspect of the brand experience strategy which drives marketing, sales and shapes how the brand promise is fulfilled to the customer. Brand experience superiority differentiates market leaders in every major industry - Apple, Disney, Mini to name a few.


International business development

International markets have often been the key to driving new growth.  We have worked extensively in the Middle East and Asia where we are able to advise on:

1. Large commercial transactions.  We work with the clients to identify the opportunities, craft the right value proposition, align the right local partners and lobby to win the deal.

2. Distribution channel development. We identify, qualify, recruit and help build the right channel for our clients.

3. Strategic Supply Partners. We identify, qualify and conduct due diligence and negotiations to establish strategic supplier relationships.

business development

New venture development

We work with founders and investors to engineer new ventures for success typically over a twelve to thirty six month period. We bring to bear our experience, knowledge and global network where founders and investors benefit from the strategic capacity and capability we bring.

The venture gets the benefit and access to an entire network through the participation of a single IndustryLabs member on their team. IndustryLabs participates in new venture opportunities under the following scenarios:
I.   On a fee plus equity basis
II.  As part of a consortium
III. As a co-founder with another partner(s)