About Us

We drive growth through big deals, strategic partnerships and new ventures

About Us

IndustryLabs is a Toronto based Business Services firm with an international collective of senior people with deep roots in tech, software, media, entertainment, consulting, research, analysis, marketing, sales, and supply chain management.  Our waking hours are spent honing our client's intuitions, sketches, and aspirations into bold strategies that form the bedrock of brilliant executions.

The core team of IndustryLabs has spent their professional lives marketing, developing, selling, and designing for an exhaustive list of the world's finest organizations. Our individual and collective track record affords us access to one of the deepest benches in existence.  We are able to get people that no one else can bring to the table because they know us, owe us, and (mostly) really like working with us.

We're good at understanding very complicated things, know the way the world works and experts at seeing the path to sustainable growth. We're optimistic, no BS types who work best with clients who value truth and clarity over politics and process. Clients choose us because we are effective, discreet and bring external strategic perspective to every project.

Kal Juman

Executive Director
Founder and Executive Director of IndustryLabs, Kal is a broad strategic thinker with over 25 years of business development, marketing and partnership development experience. Kal has worked with dozens (and dozens) of technology companies on revenue growth and product acceptance programs across several industries and international markets. His work includes new ways of driving growth and creating sustainable competitive advantage through new business models, next generation technology and strategic partnerships. Kal’s recent focus has been in the areas of energy tech, digital twins, real estate tech and construction tech.